Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Simple Communication tips for the Internet

In most of my posts to do with e-commerce, or social media, or even building websites, there are a few things I often tend to repeat. And that's on purpose. Some of them are - 'The Internet is an interactive medium', 'Keep it conversational', 'Don't just talk. Communicate', 'Write as if you are talking to the reader.'  


Well everyone likes to have a conversation and communication that leads to conversations is more fulfilling (compared to monologues) and memorable too. A person on the web, wants to read, respond, like, comment, interact. Give them that opportunity. Else there is always the print or television or radio. So if you "Communicate" you engage. Simple.

How to do that? The Verb 'communicate' means to " share or exchange information, news, or ideas" so share, ask opinions, reply to comments and opinions and people will appreciate and remember and chances are prefer you over the other. A few examples:

If you are selling on an e-commerce site write about how the product features benefits the user - "What's in it for me". If someone write a review on your product, acknowledge the same, thank them, reward them, if it's a negative review too, acknowledge and thank them - how often do you get a feedback that can help you improve? then explain or offer an alternative.

If you are a brand page on social media, ask opinions, give yours, offer specials, solicit feedback, have contests and specials, reply to comments, thank for shares and re tweets,  - again, interact, engage, invite, respond, reward.

If you have a website, instead of saying "we offer............" - maybe you can say, "You can get........" , Or instead of saying "We are xyz" maybe you can say, "You can benefit from XYZ" - something for him or her. Or just talk to them, tell them how your products or services can benefit the reader, or what problems it solves for them.

Ditto with ads. "XYZ Blockbuster in HD" is an ad one can read and keep Browsing but "Watch XYZ blockbuster in HD Now" can make him/her click on the ad and download or rent.

Last but not the least - Listen. You can communicate better when you listen better. And oh yes!!! Use Images to convey what you want to say :-)

Have you tried any of the above for your product or service or page or website or ad? Has it helped? Share your experience by writing a comment below and help others benefit from your experience. Still not sure on how to really do this? Have some specific questions? Feel free to share and let's try and find a solution together.

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