Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The begining?

Hi! This is my new begining in the blog world. Why so late specially since I have been working in the digital space for more than 10 years now? Well!! Lets just say I started many years back but gave it up due to time constraints etc. The actual reason is I thought - WHY Blog? and frankly I couldnt think of many reasons to do so. So Why Now? Well with the advent of Social networking and using only mail or im or sms abt 70% of the time to communicate, i finally felt the need to have one place where I could jot down my views on things, ideas, expressions, impressions etc and then if I wanted to communicate some of it to someone I could just link to it.....

So here I am.

This is just the opening note. From now on I plan to type out something whenever I feel the urge to do so....



  1. hey just wanted to put this out there: errr..nice moustache dude!

  2. Kewl. welcome to the guilt trip of not writing your blog :D :D
    Do write - you can email you post in by setting it up in the settings.
    By the way which vendor did you buy your domain id from and at what rate?