Friday, January 28, 2011

Happiness is a State of Mind

Happiness as per me is here and now! It comes from just - Being Happy. That we like to link that state of mind to something outside - such as wealth, health, prosperity, love, etc etc.... is our excuse for 'Not to be happy' - Well most of the times anways. Cos being happy is just that - being HaPpY.

But then first lets define (we humans love doing that - rationalising, logicalizing etc etc) what do I mean by "Happiness". Well for me its just something that gives us inner joy, satisfaction, fulfillment blah blah blah. It may bring a smile on ones face and it may not. It may bring tears or it may just be a feeling of accomplishment. All of it is or can be Happiness.

And where does it always come from. Inside, from within our being as we know it.
And what causes it - could be anything external or internal, BUT funda~mentally IT's mental. Yup its a state of mind. Ever been Really and Deeply Sad? And does being sad at that time and point in time make one feel full, complete and in sync with one self? Wll if it does then - as per me - that too is a state of happiness.

Happiness - as per me - is not all about smiling or laughing. Its about being CONTENT at that point in time, Its about being complete and ONE with Oneself.

So what do I need to be Happy. Just BE Happy.
Do or dont do what we believe or dont believe in - irrespective of the result.
Believeing in oneself or not
Be content or dont be

In other words..... Do or don't do whatever......... AND Be HaPpY

Confusing??? Dosen't make sense??? So what??? Just be HaPpY.....

Sometime we will talk about thinking and being +ve...... Well sometime.......

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