Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nature - The best Aphrodisiac

Started the week with a weekend trip to Balaji Farms - A beautiful, rustic but comfortable farm house abt 90 kms from Navi Mumbai. Stayed in a village home and enjoyed a cool evening at the pond. Then an energetic chit chat with friends over a few drinks at the cool shack followed by a wonderful local flavor dinner.

A morning walk watching birds and the mist over the hills and water...... followed with a hearty breakfast and b4 we knew it it was noon.

What a fun~tas~tic start to the week!! Yes I consider a weekend a start to the week. Feels good to start the week with a Saturday and Sunday and finish it on Friday. That way not only am I closing the week at a happy note (friday night fun) but also starting it on a HaPpy note.

Monday morning was back at work - replying mails and reading stuff and communicating with clients etc etc...

Monday Tuesday - some work, some play and its a holy~day again today. Ah!

Wish everyone a happy week ahead.....

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